Lights, Camera, Action!

The Movie Night Special is now here...and available exclusively through The Patio Guru!

Introducing the family room and big screen that takes entertaining to the outdoors!

Introducing the product that takes your family room and big screen to the great outdoors! Using only the best product and technology, the Movie Night Special is built and custom designed using premium EliteWood products and LifeRoom fully automated outdoor screens.

The Patio Cover and Big Screen all-in-one


Let The Patio Guru turn your backyard into the outdoor room where the party never stops! The Movie Night Special will create everlasting memories for you and your loved ones. It’s the one outdoor living solution that you’ll never regret! 

Add the ambient blue LED lighting


Blue LED mood lighting illuminates each Smooth Glide retractable screen. Set the mood for any evening event with this gorgeous lighting feature.

Family Time


LifeRoom screens are the biggest this side of Hollywood. Imagine watching movies or TV shows with your family on these giant 10-20 foot screens. Whether it’s a family and friends gathering or a romantic evening for you and your loved one, the Movie Night Special is like having that big screen experience from the movie theater but in YOUR backyard!

The Big Game


Alright sports lovers, who doesn’t like watching the big game on a giant screen, right? Now you can have the big games at your house and tell your buddies that they need to get a “real” big screen. These screens will make you feel like you’re IN the game!

Video Game Night


Treat your kids or friends to have the ultimate gaming night. These screens are MADE for the outdoors and will give them years of going after that next level. Controlled by the touch of a button on a remote control, Liferoom screens also give you the ability to have more privacy in your backyard, give 95% UV protection and the biggest screen in the neighborhood...guaranteed! 

Call The Patio Guru today for your Movie Night Special!!! 

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