Free Standing Patio Covers

Dual Color for Contrast and 10” Square Column Posts


Striking look incorporating large custom square columns painted dark brown for a nice visual affect.

Combo Cover for the Barbecue Area


Here is the perfect solution for the “away from the house“ grilling area. We install an area of lattice over the barbecue and the remainder with a solid cover for shade.

Custom Oversized Lattice Cover with Stone Wrap


Need a large area next to the pool to grill and relax in the afternoon without getting scorched? Here we added some beautiful stone wrap and cap around the posts and fanned the lattice for a non-linear affect.

Solid Cover with Full Stone Wrapped Columns and Water Feature


Custom masterpiece! Fully stone wrapped columns underneath a solid cover that includes a gorgeous water feature, stone bench wall, fan and LED lighting. We’ve got you covered in style!

Full Lattice Cover with 3” Tubes and 1” Spacing


This customer wanted a lattice cover over the barbecue but with more shading. We delicately installed aesthetically pleasing footings and spaced the 3” lattice tubes only 1” apart to 75% shading.

Full Lattice with 3” Tubes and 2” Spacing


Here is the Ultra Lattice Cover from Elitewood that uses a beautiful “Driftwood” embossing that separates itself from all others. The neighbors still think it is “real” wood! 

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